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[生命學][原創]Eulogy for Robert(Bob) S. Forebush



[生命學][原創]Eulogy for Robert(Bob) S. Forebush

發表 由 hubert41 于 周四 6月 20, 2013 8:12 pm

This is for my devoted Uncle Bob... By his nephew Hubert Chen,M.D.  from Taiwan

Uncle Bob met my aunt Su 40 Years ago when he was on active duty defensing Taiwan in the US Airforce. Aunt Sue was considered the smartest girl in our family and she was smart enough to marry Uncle Bob, It's a difficult and daring decision in the conservative era 1970's , in Taiwan. It was definitely a marriage made in heaven and their marriage was continuing for 39 years until now. My impression about my uncle Bob would never be erased. He was a young, handsome, tall, humorous and smart guy. We all felt sound and secure when he was around.
When I was a medical students, I’d rather spent my whole summer vacation with him because he would take me to swim, to play basketball, to shoot an arrow, to exercise in the gym. For those of us who shared Uncle Bob’s life, shared with him his love , his vitality and his humor. We were lucky enough to stand in that light for almost 40 years, so close to Uncle Bob’s heart with peaceful mind and Soul.  Though Uncle Bob mellowed with age, he was always like a wild and unpredictable young man always catching up the trend and kept moving on.


After he retired from the US Airforce, he still had the stamina continuing working in the Northrop Aircraft Corp. Until he retired. He help us a lot when we immigrated to the States 28 years ago. He took my oldest son, Ben, as one of his own. According to Ben’s recollection, Uncle Bob and aunt Sue would let him sleep between them when they slept. Ben is now an orthopaedics surgeon in Loma Linda University Medical center. I have to thank Uncle Bob for taking care of my family, for loving them, and made a huge difference in our life at a time when the going was not always easy. For the past 20 years, I practiced medicine in Taiwn and he helped my family and 3 sons a lot . He played multiple roles in my newly- imigrated family as a plumber, a gardener, an electrician, a chauffeur...etc, Whenever they needed him, he was always there.


10 years ago, he suffered from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and that’s a shocking news for all of us. He gallantly faced it and underwent several courses of chemotherapy and irradiation therapy. I never heard any complaints or sentimental distress, not even depression from him. He always faced his life with optimism, hope and courage. According to Aunt Sue’s recollection, he has never been hospitalized, not even when he had the dreadful illness. He is the brave we’ve ever seen before. He is a giant, a Big Man, always sets the best examples for us to follow. Now that we lost him, it’s not only the pain inside our hearts, and it makes all his friends and people he knows feel sad and depressed. he has gone and all his pain and sufferings are gone with the wind.


My dearest Uncle Bob, thank you for your kindness, your strength, your dedication, your story...all these miracles will influence us forever and we’ll all have the power and courage to face any adversity. So I won’t say goodbye to you, Uncle Bob, I’ll simply say, see you in the next life and you will once again be my Uncle Bob. It’s the blessing from God to be your nephew this life, your love and kindness will remain in our hearts forever. May you rest in peace with memories and joyfulness.

..............................................................................................................................................Your locving nephew Hubert
Scarlett Nicky-Admin

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